Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ruud refuses

To change his focus from the team as a whole.

Morgan Campbell of the Toronto Star
is the one Ruud is talking to in this clip, but Ruud does that to all the media.

Ruud has the clout to do that, by the way. Frank Yallop, I think, was a bit overwhelmed by media demands and probably a bit worn down by talking about Beckham all the time. He's not going to get that hassle up in San Jose. Ruud just won't give the media many soundbites on Beckham; he'll talk all day, but it's always about team, team shape, and team contributors. He'll do it all with a smile, but he's quite stubborn in his own way.

80% of the Galaxy's improvement this year is probably due to a full-strength Beckham, but little things like Ruud's approach are likely having an impact as well.


charlesj27 said...

A.C. - Although I am an avid fan of your reporting, as well as L.B.'s... I have to side with Ruud. The emphasis / the focus / the pressure / the demands & expectations must be made on the WHOLE TEAM. I do not and will not doubt David Beckham's skills, his natural abilities, and his contributions. Yes, the LA Galaxy is scoring more "fruitfully" because of a healthier, more fit, more playing David Beckham. But, over the course of 90 minutes of soccer play against good, strong, solid MLS teams, it's the collective efforts and skills of the entire LA Galaxy team that must prove to the rest of America that LA Galaxy quality is for real. Again, my words here are not to defy or negate what you have said - Like I said, I do read and do concur with a lot iof things you report on. I am happy to know and see this blog-site doing so strong. It's very satisfying to me to see that there are journalists still that are willing to report on soccer. Please continue to keep up the strong and valiant effort! Thanks.

A.C. said...

Charles, I don't think you understand my own viewpoint - I support Ruud's right to handle the media the way he is doing. It may make for less juicy stories, but I do think it helps relieve some of the pressure on the players and unite the squad as a whole. I respect that. In some ways, it's akin to Bob Bradley, who always is very careful in what he says to the press. It's not fun and freewheeling, perhaps, but it's smart.
I didn't put the audio up as an expose on Ruud. It's just to explain the way he is.

A.C. said...

Or maybe I misunderstood you, rereading your comment, you might have just disagreed with the "80%" improvement being due to Beckham.
I was joking a bit there, because that sort of stuff isn't the least bit quantifiable.

charlesj27 said...

A.C. - Just the fact that you responded back to my comments shows your "heart" and "diligence". But, to answer your doubt... Yep, it was the statement that "80% of LA Galaxy's improvement was due to Beckham being healthy and playing" that incited my initial comment. Keep doing what you do, A.C. I definitely wish and want this exposure and dissection of soccer in America to keep getting stronger and to grow. Again, I do value and appreciate your work and your time. Thanks.