Sunday, May 25, 2008

Red Bull NY/Chicago Fire

Well, Chad Barrett already scored, but I was having brunch.

31 - Announcers talking about Juan Pablo Angel's back problem.
33 - Usually I harp on English announcers for not talking about the game, but this time, the Spanish-speaking ones have gone off on a long tangent about FC Dallas firing Steve Morrow. They're not talking about the game at all.
34 - Rolfe to Barret, but the give and go doesn't go.
36 - NY, according to the announcers, cannot penetrate, cannot probe, cannot test the Fire with the non-threatening way they're playing right now.
38 - Jon Busch leaps to punch the ball and comes down on top of his defender, Bakary.
39 - NY FK, Reyna takes, Sassano's shirt gets torn, Parke looks like he reaches it, but his header is wide. The announcers ding the ref.
40 - Danleigh Borman one-times a pass over the bar. Nice volley try.
45 - Announcers discussing the Osorio soap opera.
Halftime - Chicago winning the grudge matchup between the two teams.


papa bear said...

I'll finish up: 5-1 Chicago! Choke on it RBNY fans. :)

A.C. said...

Wow, what a finish! I missed all the goals. My plumbing decided to wait until halftime to spring a bad leak, so I had to leave the house to make a hardware store run for new washers and supply lines.