Monday, May 26, 2008

Opening up the cup

On Tuesday, the Galaxy will host Colorado in a U.S. Open Cup play-in match. The game, to my knowledge, won't be broadcast anywhere and the only radio that is available is of the Spanish-language kind. While that's fine for some Galaxy fans, others will be stuck in a precarious situation - not being able to attend the game, not being able to listen to it and wondering what's going on.

Just tune in here. We'll have a running blog going, the usual post-game audio from both sides and possibly video as well.

A year ago, we had a similar situation when New York came to LA to play the Galaxy in an Open Cup play-in match and that was one of the most thrilling experiences I've had. Our little blog was tiny back then but that game sort of helped get our blog out there. We had a running blog and I got some timely video as well, including Juan Pablo Angel's first MLS goal, which has gotten more than 20,000 views.

If you can make the game, great. It should be a cozy atmosphere out there. If not, visit us here and we'll be your eyes and ears.


East River said...

Was JPA's goal a MLS goal b/c it was MLS teams playing to get into the US Open Cup or was it an offical Open Cup game? In other words are the play-in games MLS qualification sort of like Interliga or are the Open Cup play-ins govern by US Soccer.

An why is US Soccer so half ass about support the Open Cup in the first place?

L.B. said...

Well, I called it his first MLS goal because it was his first game (I believe) with the Red Bulls. It was his first goal as part of an MLS club. But I guess his first real MLS goal was against the Crew or someone from the East, I think.

Play-in games are run by US Soccer, yes. It's a US Soccer-run event.

We could go on for hours why the Open Cup isn't as supported as much as it should be. I think it merits more support from both sides - US Soccer and MLS.

East River said...

Hey man write an article about it when the already qualified MLS come into to the Cup. Instead of the same old same old discuss the politics behind US Soccer not supporting its own 90 plus years event and how thats a shame b/c people are always talking about the lack of history of soccer in the US. Its really said how there is no discussion on American soccer pre 1950. I digress.

I hope that CSRN will try to give the Open Cup some coverage on its shows and maybe just maybe they could try to broadcast some of the Cup's games.