Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grahame takes on critics

Grahame doesn't just print a few negative letters - he responds to them, too.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Jones and Jaime Cardenas didn't get a blog started, it wouuld have been a nice complement to this Galaxy-heavy site.

That said, keep up the good work, Luis.

Jim said...

He printed my about that? Well sort of...he did a bit of editing and made himself look better with the selective editing. I guess he actually read my email so I will give him credit for that.

Anonymous said...


you're surprised? jones is hack - considering fox's forte in playing fast and loose with the truth i'm shocked jones doesn't have his own show on FSC. his crap editorial's thinly disguised as "articles" seem perfect fodder for that organization.

papa bear said...

@jim: in the first part of the article he says the e-mails are edited. So it's to be expected.

@anon: you thinking that Fox is the only network that has ever played fast and loose with a story (NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC et. al) is as comical as it is a sad indictment of the average American...assuming you represent the average American, Mr. Head of NBC.