Friday, May 30, 2008

Off to a great start

Seattle Sounders FC haven't yet started playing, but the club scored a major victory this week. Sounders FC will don the sponsor XBox 360 on their front as Microsoft and the club agreed to a sponsorship deal this week worth a reported $20 million over five years.

The jersey looks pretty cool. I like the color scheme. Maybe it's because of the Supersonics or maybe the city's nickname (Emerald City) but I've always associated green with Seattle, so this is perfect. I think this could become a popular jersey as the XBox 360 is a popular game system and might appeal to non-soccer or casual soccer fans.

It's too bad they won't be competitive until 2010.


MattJack said...

They should have just advertised with Microsoft. I seriously don't see the XB360 lasting past one Sounders season before a new system is out. (I develop games, btw)

Dan Haug said...

Maybe you associate seattle with green because of the lush forests surrounding it. :)

I am so psyched that the Sounders organization seems to be off to a great start!! They'll now be the my nearest MLS team!!

I still gotta root for the Galaxy, though

Anonymous said...

Paul Allen connection paying off.

Rudy said...

Even as a Galaxy fan, the gamenerd in me might have to purchase a jersey. It also helps that green and blue is one of my favourite color combos.