Friday, May 23, 2008

La lista del Tri

The Mexican federation released its roster for upcoming friendlies against Argentina and Peru. The list is the second for Jesus "Chucho" Ramirez and probably includes the majority of players he will use during the World Cup qualifying series against Belize.

The list (followed by some initial reactions):

G: Oswaldo Sanchez (Santos), Jesus Corona (Tecos), Guillermo Ochoa (America).
D: Jonny Magallon (Chivas), Ricardo Osorio (Stuttgart), Aaron Galindo (Eintracht Frankfurt), Patricio Araujo (Chivas), Carlos Salcido (PSV), Sergio Amaury Ponce (Toluca), Hector Moreno (AZ Alkmaar), Julio Cesar Dominguez (Cruz Azul), Oscar Rojas (America), Adrian Aldrete (Morelia).
M: Gerardo Torrado (Cruz Azul), Luis Perez (Monterrey), Fernando Arce (Santos), Gonzalo Pineda (Chivas), Andres Guardado (Deportivo la Coruna), Zinha (Toluca).
F: Cesar Villaluz (Cruz Azul), Sergio Santana (Chivas), Carlos Vela (Osasuna), Edgar Andrade (Cruz Azul), Jared Borgetti (Monterrey).

- Don't expect the America contingent for the Argentina match as America has a game that night.
- Most surprising name: Jared Borgetti. With his recent hat-trick and overall form during the Clausura 2008 season, Borgetti has shown he can still score goals and be a force on the offensive side of the ball. Still, his inclusion is a surprise as other young strikers had been given and taken advantage of opportunities.
- Not sure why there are no Pachuca players on the roster.
- Chucho selected several young players (Vela, Villaluz, Dominguez, Araujo) who have succeeded under him in the past.


CACuzcatlan said...

What about that guy that plays in Turkey (i think), De Nigris.

christian said...

this line-up is weak, especially the midfield. Chucho had a chance to really get fan support with this list but it's quite obvious that he's of the same breed as those before him, always calling people who have not performed well enough to be considered for the national team.

where's mario mendez? or edgar castillo? maybe cabrito arellano deserved a shot as well.

on the bright side, this is a really young team in some respects and they'll gaining really valuable experience but it doesn't look good for the Argentina game.

Anonymous said...

10 defenders plus Torrado, equals 11 defensive players. Wow!

I guess this means Chuch Ramirez doesn't want to get blown out.


Anonymous said...

GK "Oswaldo Sanchez (Chivas)"

I thought he was on Santos?

L.B. said...

Yeah, he is. That's a typo.