Sunday, May 25, 2008

Liguilla day eight

Wow. Talk about drama. Unbelievable drama. That's what Santos and Monterrey pieced together in the second half of Sunday's decisive second leg. The two teams had tied 1-1 on Thursday and Santos needed just a draw to advance. But Jared Borgetti and Humberto Suazo each scored in the second half and Monterrey held a 2-0 lead with a quarter hour standing in the way of them and a trip to the final against Cruz Azul.

But Matias Vuoso and Fernando Arce had other thoughts as Santos battled back to claim a spot in the final.


Anonymous said...

one of the better games ive seen in a long while.

ever notice that lavolpe always looks angry after his team scores? but then looks nonchalant/smiles after they give up a goal?

arce = instant santos icon

Anonymous said...

Big plays such as the goal against Monterrey is why I had Arce in my Clausura 2008's Best XI.

Should be an entertaining final.