Monday, May 26, 2008

Lighter (shade of) Brown Rankings (May 26)

1. Chicago Fire (6-2-1). Blanco should be frontrunner for MVP.
2. New England (6-3-1). Could this side finally have found some consistency?
3. Columbus (6-2-1). Hesmer's PK stop should have kept unbeaten streak alive.
4. Los Angeles (4-3-2). Defensive problems don't matter when this offense works the way it should.
5. Toronto (4-3-2). Two goals should have been enough for a road win.
6. FC Dallas (3-3-3). Morrow's out, and FC Dallas celebrated with come-from-behind win.
7. Chivas USA (3-4-2). Young players finally producing.
8. New York (3-2-3). Why was this team rated so highly again?
9. Colorado (4-5-0). Looks like Clavijo's curse is alive and well in Colorado.
10. Houston (2-3-4). Hangover should have cleared up by now.
11. Kansas City (3-4-2). Too much talent to sit back and defend for 90 minutes.
12. San Jose (2-5-1). See what happens when Kamara finishes?
13. Real Salt Lake (2-5-2). No Joy in Frisco for this sad sack of a club.
14. DC United (3-7-0). Morale victory saved Tom Soehn's job.


Rich21 said...

At first I thought you had LA ranked too high. But then I looked at the records of all the other teams and I'd have to agree with putting them at #4.

RHYbread said...

And to think that if we had been able hold on for a tie and win against NY and TFC, we'd only have one loss (Colorado did suck).

Dan Haug said...

Blanco is a candidate for MVP... I wonder if LD and Becks will both be hurt as candidates because they're on the same team...

Anonymous said...

the only way blanco ever gets my vote is if he grew a neck and we all know that will never happen.

its Landy Cakes trophy to lose at this point.

Gabe said...

Blanco has been amazing so far. Didn't he have a goal and four assits in the last game?

And this is coming from a fan of the Galaxy and US National team.