Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sacha at the presser

Sacha Kljestan - I actually wish I had tape of his conversation with the media after the presser. he was telling stories about playing soccer years ago with Robbie Rogers "He's like a little brother to me.", and of being one of the shortest on his team all through his youth until a late growth spurt freshmen year, where he grew inches in a matter of months. It actually cost him for a while in soccer, because he was so awkward with his new body. "I couldn't figure it out, how to move, and I got dropped from the State team." and of wanting to play his way on to a starting sport in the Olympic Team. "I've got to make it hard for Peter not to pick me." He also mentioned how much he loves playing in Giants Stadium, which is rare among MLS players, who generally hate the turf. Apparently, Sach has a lot of good college memories there - the Seton Hall players would scrimmage the MetroStars. Sacha also mentioned Amado Guevara as one of the players who was nice to the college visitors.

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