Friday, May 30, 2008

Crew/Chivas preview

No, I didn't forget to preview Columbus and Chivas USA in my little Canales Corner feature - I just wanted to cover it in more detail, because they're having a presser about the whole thing.
Robbie Rogers and El Melli go first.
Here we are.
Guille is asked about the last Chivas USA/Crew game. He says he expects this one to be as as hard-fought.
He's asked about an interview he gave in Argentina about MLS.
"It lacks experience. It's only about ten years old. It's growing."
Robbie says the team can keep getting better.
Guille is asked about the Argentine players in MLS.
"For a league that's trying to develop, it's good to get good players. They happen to be Argentine, but they can come from elsewhere, like Robbie."
Guille is asked about the perception of U.S. soccer in Argentina.
"It's a growing league. It's trying to make progress. They see it as a league with a good future. I saw it as a league that is expanding."
I ask Robbie about differences between this year and last - what's helped the Crew improve their results?
"Last season, I felt that our head would get down if we got scored on. Now we just take that challenge and we keep going at it. We gave up two goals in that last game versus Chivas and we kept going at it. We're bringing more energy to the game. That's made a big difference."
I ask Guille about fans throwing stuff on the field.
"I think it's a demonstration of the excitement of the fan. As long as it's done properly, it's part of the game."
Chivas USA is up now
Sacha admits getting sent off is extra motivation to do well.
Panchito is asked if this team is as strong as the one last year.
He gives a long answer that basically says, Yes, but we've had trouble with injuries.
Sacha is asked about having to play different positions.
"if your'e a good soccer player and you're smart, you can play any position. I have no complaints. It doesn't matter to me as long as we're winning."
Sacha talks about playing with Robbie when both were young.
"We're pretty close. I treat him like my little brother."
Sacha is asked about the West.
"No one has run away with it. We could be in first if we win tomorrow."
Pancho is asked about playing left back.
"I felt comfortable. I think I have a good view of the field there, getting into the attack. I do see a possible future there, though I see myself more as an attacker."
If Pancho plays tomorrow (92 appearances) he'll set the record for appearances for the team.
Panchito says he's proud of the record and will be proud to reach 100 games with this club that has helped him grow.
Last question
"It's the same system and style we had last year," says Panchito. "We're sticking to what has worked for us. We want to improve, however, and play better, especially at home. It's important for the new players to adapt, and they've done that well, so I think we're going to put on a good performance at home."
"I don't know if the football is different," Sacha says. "Maybe we haven't been taking care of the ball as well, but that happens with differences on the team. We're starting to create more chances now. That happens when you learn each other's tendencies. That's been getting better in practice and in the games."


Anonymous said...

Curious-did Guille do his interview in English or Spanish?

A.C. said...

Spanish - there was a translator on hand, plus I understand Spanish.