Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dear Brian

So after a few years away, you've decided to come back to MLS.

Have to give you a quick heads-up - it's no longer the league you remember. It's not just the new teams, or the travel to Canada, or the fact that Mexico's best-known player and England's best-known player both now play in MLS.

You'll find most of the games on TV now. Highlights pop up on the sports shows. More teams have spiffy stadiums to play in. Some teams fly charter.

Clubs have added reserve games and youth teams. Visiting fan sections are set up, and security is being trained to deal with rowdy away fans at some games.

The more things change, though, the more they stay the same. MLS has some bigname busts every year (Denilson, Reyna) but also some up and coming young talent (Altidore, Edu).

You've always been a consummate professional, so I'm sure you'll readjust to the league you once knew so well.



Tote Football Pro said...

Happy to welcome him back, with open arms. He is a true American Sportsman - grit, determination, guile. And he has make it in the top league in the world. His record was really good, considering he played in a poor(ish) team. There's not many who succeed abroad, and i hope he gets the respect he deserves.

He'ss come back to an improved league and set-up, but there's still a long way to go, as last night's match proved.

Anonymous said...


A.C. said...

Last night's match was made up mostly of European-based American players, so I'm not sure what it proved about MLS. In fact, I think it might have improved the performance if MLS players like LD and Jozy had participated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Andrea,

Can you stop writing me?

Brain M.

A.C. said...

Brain! I loved your show with Pinky! Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

this is what i call a blogger out of ideas... lame, but so lame.

Jon E said...

anonymous(es): Yes, truly, thank you for your superb ideas. But, really, you shouldn't waste them to this grotesquely inadequate blog. You should instead put them on an insulated pedestal and attach wires to them so that their intense genius may power the city in which you live.

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