Saturday, May 31, 2008

Galaxy/TFC running blog

Hello, Sideline Views fans. Look at the lovely skyline of Toronto! FSN is doing a feature on Weezer, who of course I adore, and not just because Rivers Cuomo knows who I am.
The commentators are discussing the horrid defense of the Galaxy. And yet, Sean Franklin, on that defense, is Rookie of the Year material.
Oh, look, they mention the streamers - "It looks like a kid's party at Chuck-E-Cheese." Well, that's impressive.
Here's Andrea's Keys to the Game: Better defense. Score without the Dynamic Duo. If the Galaxy have a lead, don't take a corner until every streamer is out of the way (in homage to Beckham's OCD tendencies) even if it takes half an hour.
It looks like Landon Donovan might play in this match. I'm not sure. The announcers haven't said definitely yet.
Oh wait, they just did. He won't start, but he's going to be on the bench.
For those readers who were concerned about my car - it's fixed! D and E Auto Repair (Ave 35 and Verdugo Blvd) replaced the radiator and thermostat. So my wheels are rolling again.
* 18 - Brian Edwards (GK)
* 4 - Marco Velez
* 5 - Kevin Harmse
* 6 - Maurice Edu
* 10 - Rohan Ricketts
* 11 - Jim Brennan
* 12 - Todd Dunivant
* 16 - Marvell Wynne
* 23 - Jarrod Smith
* 28 - Olivier Tebily
* 96 - Jeff Cunningham
* 1 - Steve Cronin (GK)
* 2 - Mike Randolph
* 3 - Greg Vanney
* 7 - Chris Klein
* 12 - Troy Roberts
* 14 - Edson Buddle
* 15 - Alvaro Pires
* 16 - Joe Franchino
* 21 - Alan Gordon
* 28 - Sean Franklin
* 32 - Brandon McDonald
1- Cunningham is offside, but the Galaxy defense looks shaky already.
2 - Brandon McDonald goes down in the box, doesn't get the call.
5 - TFC FK Ricketts to take, Galaxy clear.
7 - Announcers discussing Steve Cronin. BTY is Zach Wells the only regular MLS starter without a shutout to his credit this season? I think so.
8 - Vanney blocks a shot - perhaps intentionally.
9 - Randolph on Wynne - the two speedsters could cancel each other out.
10 - McDonald is attacking more than I've seen in the past.
12 - I'm not sure why Ruiz isn't starting - maybe Ruud wants him to be really hungry.
13 - Nice Buddle cross - well, a bit short, but it was a decent attack setup. Klein kills the counter going the other way.
15 - The Galaxy don't look terribly skillful right now, but there's a grit to their defending that is interesting to see.
16 - Brennan overshoots Wynne on a long pass. He's not that fast, Jim.
17 - Roberts robs Cunningham of the ball, but the Galaxy can't create.
18 - Julius James is going in for Oliver Tebily, who hobbles off. Not sure why. Maybe he pulled something.
19 - Edwards catches a long Galaxy pass.
21 - TFC with more ball possession now. Galaxy can't seem to get out of their own half. Goal kicks don't count.
22 - Cunningham is Offside! And wide!
23 - Final pass doesn't reach Gordon in the box. This is a jumbled game, as befits a lot of non-regular players hoping to impress. More heart than finesse, that's for sure.
25 - Galaxy FK - Vanney sets up - Klein takes - into the wall. Galaxy work the ball back, but the pas to Randolph is offside.
26 - Uh, oh - Dunny on the long free throw gives TF a chance in the box, Franklin slides it out for another FT.
27 - Harmse shoots! It's high.
28 - Cunningham is offside- though the whistle was late.
30 - Franklin clotheslined by Smith, but the FK is too far out to be considered dangerous.
31 - Gordon shoots wide and awkwardly.
33 - Dunny on a throw - deep into the box. Dang, he's good at those, but the Galaxy cover the back chip attempt.
36 - Wynne stumble nearly leaves Gordon alone on goal, but Marvel recovers.
37 - TFK FK to TFC FT - but Cronin comes out to catch it.
38 - Klein to Gordon, who brings ball down and touches to Buddle, who one-times. It's high, but that's the first flash of genuine offense from the Galaxy.
39 - Cunningham in the box, shoots, Cronin parries, Galaxy clear. Speaking of offensive chances.
41 - Pires gets pulled by Edu, who sees yellow. It's far out, but it's a FK and Vanney takes it. A soft chip to the players in the box, but TFC clears.
43- Pires looks to be holding his side.
45 - TFC on the attack. Ricketts beats two, gets in the box, Cronin off his line to snuff the attack.
45+ McDonald hard tackle to stop a TFC counter, but it looked clean.
Halftime - The Galaxy have to regret that they didn't test the backup keeper more, but they're not getting run off the field by an undermanned TFC, either.
46 - Now TFC fans are throwing streamers at the Galaxy goal during the run of play. Great. but why should anyone be surprised. If the argument is that players should be able to play through mere paper on corners, why shouldn't the same be expected elsewhere? If it's ok to affect the game in one spot, why not another?
47 - GOAL- Julius James gets a header on a free kick by Ricketts. The rain might have been a factor, but it seems that James just out-jumped Troy Roberts to it.
53 - Edu's low shot is bobbled by Cronin - the rain probably contributing again, but Cronin eventually hangs on.
54 - Velez gets whistled for a foul and is pissed about it, which turns into a yellow.
55 - Smith on a counter - he's not offside - and somehow, everybody misses his cross. TFC corner, eventually. It ends up in Cronin's hands.
61 - Vanney smart defensive play there.
63 - The rain is the12th man right now. It's a mess to watch. But part of soccer is dealing with the elements, right, John Terry?
65 - GOAL! The ball bounces perfectly for Cunningham, while Galaxy guys slip and slide. He takes on Cronin and puts it away for his second of the year. Apparently Cunningham can only score against the Galaxy. 2-0 TFC
70 - Ruiz is on for the Galaxy, but hasn't made an impact yet.
72 - Ricketts wide in the box as more streamers are thrown.
74 - Smith alone on goal - Cronin out - Smith shoots wide.
76 - announcers aren't even calling the game any more. They're saying TFC should build extra seats.
77 - Roberts and Wynne in the box, Roberts wins out, while Wynne lies down - why not, he's winning.
78 - Ricketts shoots at Cronin. Cronin catches.
80 - Galaxy with a little run of possession, but no shots on goal.
82 -Klein with a horrid cross.
83 - Gordon and Ruiz put together an attack, but Edwards is set for the rather outside shot of Ruiz.
85 - FK by Ruiz is deflected for a corner. Franchino takes it.
86 - Fans are throwing full cups of beer, not just streamers. The ball gets cleared to Franklin, whose outside shot is high and wide.
90 + As the announcer notes, the fan on the field is helping TFC - taking more time off the clock.
Gordon is pulled down right at the arc. Klein wants it. It's deflected.
Ha, ha. The fans want the final whistle, but it seems the refs are fighting back against the timewasting by pitch invasion and streamers. It doesn't help the Galaxy, though. In fact, Cunningham gets a late chance on a counter that he sends high and wide.
Well, the Galaxy are back to .500 on a couple of rain time goals. It's easy to say that TFC had the advantage of being more familiar with how to play on wet turf, but one goal was due to poor marking, and the other was on a Keystone Kops sequence of lost defensive shape. Above and beyond that, the Galaxy generated little offense themselves.


Anonymous said...

Some Toronto idiot threw a streamer while the ball was in play. McDonald was heading up the right side and they throw a streamer right at him. The TFC lot are getting a bit cheeky with the whole streamer thing, no?

A.C. said...

Yep, it's getting worse, in my opinion. Slippery slope arguments are make because they're proven to happen.

RHYbread said...
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RHYbread said...

There's no excuse for poor marking. No matter how many goals we're able to put in, games are always too stressful whenever the ball is in our own third.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of hooligans in toronto.

Anonymous said...


shit commentary
shit camerwork
shit production

triangle,dining said...

I'm a complete neutral about this match--was clear to me that Cunningham was at least a yard offside when he recieved the initial cross on the second goal. Not that LA had anything to really offer in response.

Jason said...

The commentary and quality of the video feed is shameful for FSN. Thank God I'm at every Galaxy HDC game, I couldn't take watching FSN any more than I have to.