Friday, May 23, 2008

Addition by subtraction

Jovan Kirovski spent several years playing in Europe and has worn the US national team shirt before. Perhaps it's those sorts of accomplishments that frustrates fans so much. He can show flashes of brilliance but more often than not he leaves fans scratching their heads.

Galaxy fans were glad to see him go and now Rapids fans are likely as glad to have him off their team. Colorado dealt Kirovski and Kelly Gray to San Jose for Preston Burpo and a draft pick. Funny how the trade involved former Galaxy players and a former Chivas player.

Anyway, Kirovski is now San Jose's, um, property? Problem? Gray is a good addition, provided he can stay healthy. But Kirovski might add more of the same as San Jose's offense has struggled to score goals. After Thursday's game, San Jose has six goals in eight games.

Burpo, meanwhile, might help out Colorado. He might even play soon as the Rapids will play the Galaxy on Tuesday at HDC in an Open Cup play-in match. "Stone" Burpo is a quality backup who could help out if need be.


Cobifan said...

The US Open Cup game is on the 27th...Tuesday...not Thursday. ;-)

L.B. said...

Oops. Thanks for catching that. Don't know why I typed in Thursday, since I've got my Tuesday schedule planned around the game.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

If the Galaxy front office had any brains (which is an issue all by itself, but I digress), it would have acquired Burpo. The man is a good shot stopper and knows how to organize a defense. At the very least, he could give Cronin some pointers.

If Guzan signs overseas this summer, Chivas USA will have screwed itself by not keeping Burpo -- especially with all the injuried on defense.

papa bear said...

if you'd like to add further frustration to the enigma that is Kirovski; most people forget that he is still the only American to win the Champion's League when he won with Dortmund in 1997 (he even scored a goal in the tournament too)
Frustrating player. So much talent and yet so much frustrating play at times.