Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Post game reactions

Clavijo: We don't have a lot of stars, we have a real team.
Bouna Coundoul is in Senegal right now, so we were very fortunate to get someone with experience (Preston Burpo) and to get him a match and to show that he belongs there. It's a wonderful opportunity.

Ruud Gullit: I think today gave some people the chance to show themselves. Of course, it was a pity. The problem was in midfield. We couldn't control it. The players there are often on the bench. The post was against us in the first half. In the second half, we didn't play well at all.
What was good was to see the players who don't always get to play. The big miss for us was Alvaro - he's very important for us. He had a knee problem, so we had to rest him, knowing that we play Toronto on turf.
We had so many chances - we just didn't make it. But everyone is going to write that we can't play without those two (LD and Becks).
I'm disappointed by the fact that we're out.
The most important thing was the midfield. We were very weak in that department. In attacking we were ok.
The first half- Ruiz was ok - but he's not really fit yet. He did some good things, but real match fitness is something different.

By the way, 9,189 was the final crowd count.


starinyourfire said...

the first line of Clavijo remarks seems like a shot at the galaxy.

hopefully we can get service in the midfield against toronto.

thanks for the quotes A.C.

Jim said...

Seems like there is something in Ruud's comments about the midfield. Maybe aimed at Pete? Though from the commentary last night from Tutino and Ralph, seemed that Pete was doing a good job. Could it be setting up a trade? Pete is a great guy, but he is not doing us any good sitting on the bench most of the season.

L.B. said...

I didn't think Pete was terrible overall. He did have some shaky moments but I thought he was his usual self. I suppose if you think his usual self is terrible, then perhaps he was. Still, he's never been a good distributor of the ball, so if Ruud was expecting him to step in and knock the ball around, that wasn't going to happen.

A.C. said...

I think, honestly, that Pete did well most of the match. Maybe Ruud was referencing Josh Tudela, because that's when the Galaxy really seemed to lose possession strength. Josh is actually a clever mover of the ball, but Colorado just got very physical with him and he couldn't hang on to anything.

The Hammer said...

I thought Pete had a good first half and disappeared (started walking around) in the second.

The McDonald, Franchino, Pires trio is starting to become a more important key to Galaxy than Donovan, Beckham, Ruiz.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

But everyone is going to write that we can't play without those two (LD and Becks).

No, Ruud, it's just that you can't win w/o those two. Big difference, especially for a team that values winning/hardware/entertainment/making beaucoup bucks/whatever.

Regardless of the fans' praise, here's a fact: A veteran-heavy starting lineup w/o The Big Two essentially lost to a bunch of reserve players, thereby proving how woefully inadequate it is for league competition.

You can thank The Boobsey Twins (Lalas and Lie-weke) for that.

Just remember: Sturgis and Findley for Klein. That's all you need to know.