Thursday, May 29, 2008

Azul's back in the final

It's been nine years since Cruz Azul played for a Mexican league title. Invierno 99 was the last chance Cruz Azul has had of claiming league silverware, but the last time Cruz Azul won a league title was in the Invierno 97 season.

In that span - from 99 until now - Cruz Azul has seen the rise of Pachuca (whose first title was in a shock win over Cruz Azul in the Inv 99 final), the rise, fall and rise again of Toluca; and possibly worst of all respective championship seasons by America, Pumas and Chivas, who each snapped a years-long drought to claim league titles.

It's Cruz Azul's turn now to go for league glory, and as one of the four most popular clubs in all of Mexico, there will be massive support for Cruz Azul throughout both Mexico and parts of the US.

Here's a little clip of some of the sights and sounds outside Estadio Azul before and during the semifinal match against San Luis on Saturday. The announcer keeps saying something to the effect of "Believe it, Cruz Azul. You are in the final."

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