Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reversing course

Well, Ives for one has changed direction on the streamers. Me, I've been consistent all along, though I'm not happy to be proved right on that count.
So many people commented that streamers were fine, it wouldn't get worse, etc, ignoring both common sense and human nature. Even if the actions hadn't worsened, I would still be bothered by the simple fact that the game isn't respected when people take action that delays play.
Most worryingly, the video proves that I've been wrong about thinking racism isn't much of an issue at MLS games. It may not be endemic, but it exists. While that's sad, it's also a challenge for MLS administration to step up and return integrity to the game - and yes, that means not allowing fans to interfere with the games and throw stuff at players during the run of play. Streamers need to stay in the stands or only hit the field during stoppage, Don.


The Hammer said...

Andrea, I'm going to disagree with you again. Streamers are not the problem. Idiots with streamers are the problem.

I can think of a certain LA based supporters group that has had streamers for far longer than TFC has been around and has not interfered with gameplay. Just look to the southeast corner.

A.C. said...

I didn't say streamers were the problem, hammer. I specifically said streamers thrown at players during the run of play, including corners, shouldn't be allowed. The streamers that don't interfere with game play I've always been a fan of.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

a.c., I think the problem is that too many fans want to imitate what the fans in Europe and South America do. I covered the game between Barcelona and CD Guadalajara two years ago at the Coliseum, and people were setting off fireworks in the stands. Of course, you saw the InterLiga games in which fans lighted flares and threw them on the field.

MLS and its teams are going to have to crack down on security. The clubs are also going to have to establish some formal relationship with the supporters' groups. I don't see the Galaxy doing this yet and I didn't think Chivas USA was doing it until they banned one of Legion 1908's fans. Clearly, the clubs have to take far more initiative.

Anonymous said...

@joe - the galaxy already have a formal relationship with at least two of the three supporters groups. neither of whom have ever caused an incident beyond the occasional complaints about harsh language.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Anonymous, that's good news. Thank you for letting me know. In any event, the clubs have to have some checks and balances on the behavior of the supporters' groups.

FC Uptown said...

There are idiots and racists everywhere. MLS fines teams 10k for flares. Anything beyond streamers is an offense. There is security in place. I'm not in favor of creating a new series of rules throughout MLS based upon a cell phone video from a drunk Ohio State student.

papa bear said...

I agreed with AC on the streamers before and I agree with her now. They are the gateway object to batteries bottles etc. If people wanna toss em pre/post-game, at each other in the stands and after goals; fine. Tossing them onto the field any other time should be the instant boot.

I don't think that racism is any more prevelant at MLS games than it is anywhere else. I'd probably argue that it's less so. (Unless you are a white supporter at a Chivas USA game, then well don't go near Legion--even if you are a CUSA fan)

I hear Columbus already knows who the guy is and plan on banning him for life. Seems justice was done there.