Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still Solo

Jere Longman catches up on the Solo situation.


Beax Speax said...

It sounds like a sorority house, not the US National team.

Anonymous said...

^ I agree.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Cat Whitehill is another player for whom I've lost tremendous respect. For her to claim that Solo was using her father to get sympathy was inexcusable. And this creature was her "best friend"? Obviously, the meaning of friendship is somewhat twisted when such a friend cannot empathize with her "friend's" emotional state.

I hope that the U.S. gets plastered in Beijing (and, no, I don't mean drunk). I will actively root against my own national team. I also hope that Sundhage terminates Whitehill's, Wambach's and Lilly's tenure with the national team as soon as it's feasable.

The emotional immaturity among this bunch is amazingly pathetic.