Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cruz, not Cruise

Overheard. . .

One of the Galaxy staff: Cruz was wearing a monkey costume in the locker room

Me, hearing "Cruise" and thinking Tom, since he was in the Galaxy locker room last time I stopped by: You mean like a tuxedo?

Galaxy staffer: No, a monkey costume.

Me (getting a weird visual, until I remember the name of Vicki and David's youngest) Oh, oh.

So Cruz likes his costume, apparently. I guess that's a phase for some young 'uns. The little son of a friend of mine wore out his Spiderman outfit. He liked to wear it everywhere.


Ben7 said...


thanks for sharing a laugh, have a good day !

Diane said...

Very cute, you and Cruz.

Anonymous said...

Cruz was actually dressed as a mouse at the G's v Wizards match cos I saw him, Romeo and Brooklyn but yeah hes obviously going through a dress ups phase. Cute. One of the best moments of the whole night for me was Brooklyn celebrating his Dad's goal at the end he was going nuts in a good way. It was really great to see. Those boys adore their daddy.