Monday, May 26, 2008

Tabbing it

In the Galaxy locker room post-game, I asked Landon Donovan, "Is there anyone else on the team, besides David, that you'd rather have lining up a 70-yard shot?" He laughed, and then I got a good quote about his reaction to the final goal.
However, the tabloids have twisted it a bit. "There's nobody else I'd rather have hitting that." somehow became "I can't imagine anyone else hitting that."
Chris Klein, talking about how cleanly David strikes the ball across the field, said, "He does it 10, 15 times a day in a game," and yet the article sets it up as if Beckham scores 70-yard goals that often in training.
A lot of other papers are also quoting the Sun, so the situation gets compounded.


Anonymous said...

They've misquoted Landon but not Chris - they have Chris' quote correct it doesn't set it up to suggest he scores them the way it's written it can just as easily be taken as he practises them - so I think you're over-reating there.

A.C. said...

I've watched Galaxy practices, and I've never seen Beckham practice 70 yard goals. He practices long passes to teammates, though.

papa bear said...

I swear to god the term 'journalistic integrity' has been wiped off the books in the UK. It's not just the SUN that does this crap it's every GD paper out there. Ridiculous.