Saturday, May 31, 2008

Grahame gets to it

Answers more mail


Anonymous said...

interesting quote from jones at the bottom where he responds to a charge that he implied Beckhams goal was cheap:
"Reply: Since when has the word "weird" been negative?"

This from a guy that uses words for a profession....
I don't remember a time when "wierd" wasn't negative..... saying it was a "weird" goal left me with a negative impression as well... as if he couldn't bring himself to praise such a thing. All he could do was say it was "wierd" ... which he defends as being simply unusual.
But the overall tenor of the article felt like it was written by a guy who just couldn't bring himself to say much positive about the galaxy.

Nicole said...

I refuse to click on the link and give him any hits. He couldn't be bothered to go out and get a real story - he takes the lazy man's way out and lets the readers write his articles. He doesn't do his job, does no research, does no pregame interviews, very, very little postgame interviews.

He's a pompous jerk and I have no respect for him. Too bad the LA Times can't employ a real writer.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Whatever the merits of Grahame's arguments regarding Donovan's PK and Beckham's long-distance strike, I'd wish he train his howizers on Galaxy management (i.e., Lie-weke and Lalas) in his daily on-line columns. Those amateurs get away with far too much from the local soccer press.