Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hunts want Hyndman

Buzz has the scoop.

If so, then Dallas GM Michael Hitchcock wasted his time getting USSF permission to talk with Oscar Pareja. I didn't include Schellas in the FC Dallas coaches poll, because I for one was tired of him turning the post down in the past, and I was hoping that lack of passion and desire for the position was enough to eliminate him from contention. Apparently not.
Instead, a higher salary offer and more authority might have finally sealed the deal for the SMU coach. Landing Hyndman could be a personal triumph for Clark Hunt, who played soccer for Hyndman at SMU.
What's strange is that, if his college coaching record is any indication, Hyndman is unlikely to provide the dynamic spark that propels a team to a championship. He's never won one. If regular season success followed by playoff failure was what the Hunts wanted - they should have just stuck with Colin Clark, who delivered that consistently.
However, Diego rebuts the Hyndman story, with a quote from Hyndman himself denying he is set to be coach. Granted, he doesn't say he won't take the job, either.

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