Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ahead of the crowd

After listening to the Wizards in the post-game presser, I made a quick dash to their locker room. I had enough time to talk to one KC player, so I talked to the one I knew would give me some good stuff. Here's my little chat with Jimmy Conrad.

I thought about sticking around and saying hi to Kevin Hartman but he was in the middle of an interview and I wanted to make it over to the Galaxy locker room before everyone left. Sometimes the guys linger but other times it clears out rather quickly.

I was actually one of the first reporters there. While most had stayed behind to listen to Ruud Gullit, I was in the locker room with maybe two other reporters. David Beckham was still there. He was tidying himself up and getting ready for his trans-Atlantic jaunt while his three boys played in the locker room. It was a regular day care center in there as Chris Klein, Joe Franchino and Becks all had their kids in there. It's not like I'm not used to little ones scampering around so it didn't exactly faze me. I actually thought it was kind of cool for the players to have their kids down there.

Anyway, I got the chance to talk to Greg Vanney and Chris Klein before the hordes descended upon the locker room for Landon Donovan.

Here's audio of my one-on-one with Greg Vanney, some of which I'm using for my Tuesday column in The Press-Enterprise. I'll probably post the Klein stuff at some point as well.


Ben7 said...

looking forward to Klein's comments.

Thanks Luis :)

Rudy said...

Yeah, definitely a bit of a dive by Landon there. But Buddle was mugged in the box earlier so it was probably just a makeup call by the shortest ref in the history of soccer.