Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A lot of people believe that the league hyped David Beckham's arrival last season mercilessly, and it fell flat when he unfortunately was injured. But did MLS go too far the other way this season? One reader thinks so.

New email:
The sad thing to me is that by treating Beckham like a Hollywood movie they wasted some of the ooomph of this season's performance. They overhyped the premiere, when he was hurt and should have been rested. Now that he is living up to if not exceeding expectations, this is when you should be promoting him through the roof. Imagine if it was at this point, and not last year, that LA was on ESPN like almost every week.
Whether it's throwing all that money and hype at Freddy Adu, naming the Sounders, or writing silly letters about the City of Houston regarding stadium desires, I wonder what's going through MLS' mind sometimes. The best things about the league are stuff like Clint Dempsey and JP Angel that happen almost on accident.


Beax Speax said...

Andrea, it's like a total bummer that you, like, get letters about, like Beckham and like, MLS that aren't cool and stuff...

Robby said...

what was the deal criticism of the way the Sounders were named? I missed that.