Thursday, May 29, 2008

All about allocations

Toronto holds the top spot in allocation rankings after San Jose used theirs on Jean Phillippe Peguero. In case you were wondering what the allocations and all that means, well, here's a snippet straight from the horse's mouth.

From the MLS Fact and Record Book:

Section II, Part A:
The allocations will be ranked in reverse order of finish from the 2007 season, taking playoff performance into account. San Jose, as an expansion team, will have the top-ranked allocation at the beginning of 2008. The rankings will be separate and distinct from the allocation amounts and will only be relevant in the event two or more teams file a request for the sam player on the same day, as in the case of returning U.S. National Team players, or in other cases where the League, in its discretion taking into account all the circumstances, determines that the allocation rankings shall be applied. In such cases, priority will be granted to the team wit the higher allocation ranking. Once the team uses its allocation ranking to acquire a player it will drop to the bottom of the list. The ranking itself can be traded provided part of the compensation received in return is another team's ranking. A team may move up or down in the rankings, provided that at all times each team is assigned a ranking (no team can have more than one ranking and no team can be without a ranking). The rankings reset at the end of each MLS League Season.

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Dan Haug said...

Hadn't I heard about trading partial allocations in the past? How did that work?