Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's be #5!

While I'm agreeing with people, let me say that I also agree with Kevin Keegan - or perhaps, he agrees with me, since I've been saying this about the league abroad for years.

While talking with Dave Denholm on his podcast show, I pointed out that MLS is the other extreme in predictability. With the salary-cap imposed parity, the league is so wide open that teams at the bottom last year - like Columbus - have turned things around. Honestly, there isn't any reason fans of any team in MLS can't hope and aspire to be champions. It simply isn't that way in England. The same teams, the ones with the most money, are at the top year after year.


CACuzcatlan said...

I don't know if I'd say its the most boring. Since this weekend will be great for the title, cup spots, and relagation. But the majority of the matches will be meaningless to me. Here on the west coast we have to wake up pretty damn early to watch European games, and if the big 4, Fulham or a handful of other clubs I like (Man City, Blackburn) aren't playing, or aren't playing opponents that I think will be interesting to watch, I just don't wake up early to watch them. I'll watch any and every MLS game I can. But then again, I also have a lot more involvement and personal attachment towards MLS.

just another one of you said...


Read the old article, and found it insightful. I was wondering if you had any thoughts as to what has changed now that there are many more owners in the league. Perhaps the league needs more time under the current ownership consortium to make a real difference. The ability to secure a stadium deal seems to be what is really setting apart some ownership groups.

phillypride said...

I am a HUGE fan of salary caps (as long as they're not of the NBA variety). It's fun to watch great teams, but not if it comes at the expense of other teams' chances to even compete.

papa bear said...

I totally agree with AC and Keegan. The Prem is painfully boring. (the style of play outside of the top 4-6 is pretty atrocious as well, at least lower table La Liga, Serie A and even Bundesliga sides look like they are interested in tactics and technical play)

The only intriguing story in the Prem this weekend is whether Chels or ManU will win. The relegation battle isn't interesting at all. Who really cares, outside of fans of those teams, who the least biggest loser is, because that's what it is. Are we really that bored with sport that we get excited to see a race for whom sucks the least of the sucky teams? C'mon. I have no problem with relegation getting rid of the crap teams, but there is nothing interesting about a 'relegation battle' unless your team or your favorite players are involved.