Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuca the janitor

Before Tuesday, I thought Ricardo "Tuca" Ferreti might be angling for the position of coach with the Mexican national team. He has been critical of certain decisions by both the federation (remember his tirade against a friendly in LA versus who he called Guate-peor?) and current coach Hugo Sanchez (Ferreti, a Brazilian, said recently he did not believe in calling in foreigners to the national team). He seemed to be taking the same approach that landed Sanchez the job - well, minus the back-to-back championships - as Sanchez was a harsh critic of former coach Ricardo Lavolpe.

But then on Tuesday Ferreti said otherwise.

"The only position in which I have absolutely no interest in is coach of the Mexican national team. If you were to offer me a job as a janitor, perhaps I'd be interested but the national team coaching job does not interest me. I've been a candidate four times but don't even put me in there because I won't go. Even if I were the last coach in the world I wouldn't go."

Listen to the audio of it on this story.

Tuca has had success in league before and won a championship with Chivas. When Francisco Palencia was here with Chivas, Tuca's name was one he threw out that he'd rather see in charge of El Tri instead of then-coach Ricardo Lavolpe. Both are now with Pumas.


L.B. said...

As far as a replacement goes, if it's not Tuca, I don't know that there's anybody right now that would be a natural fit. The other finalist when Sanchez was named coach was Americo Gallego but he had a terrible spell with Tigres before he was sacked recently.

Jose Pekerman is with Toluca and maybe they give him the job but I don't know that he's interested in it.

You're not going to see Enrique Meza back and I seriously doubt Ricardo Lavolpe gets the job back.

I guess I'm just looking at the league coaches beacuse right now it would be easier to get one from the Mexican league.

Any other candidates?

Lepese said...

Carlos Bianchi - is the perfect candidate Read this.

He knows whats wrong with El Tri.

Arriba El AMERICA!!!

Anonymous said...

It will have to be a company man... that is, a coach the FMF(meaning televisa and tvazteca execs) feel comfortable working with... Tuca was never interested in the gig, I couldn't see him working with the empresarios that run the national team. It would have to be someone like... el Chepo de la Torre, or some other coach who knows the Mexican league and how things are usually handled in the Mexican game. I don't see a foreign coach coming in at this point. Even if he does, he wouldn't last... which is what happened to Menotti in the early nineties.

Saludos, d

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

It's also possible that Tuca protests too much. He's saying that because he knows there's a lot of speculation centering around him, and he doesn't want to be seen as angling for the job (though I think he is).

Frankly, I hope he gets it. Then he can go through the same self-made (and deserved Hell) that Hugool endured.

When are these coaches and federation officials ever going to learn?