Friday, March 28, 2008

Galaxy sign Pires

Alvaro Pires is now officially part of the team. Good thing, too, since the Galaxy had already included him in the media guide.


HNO said...

jeez - you got my hopes up. i thought it was robert pires!

RHdigitalYS said...

Pires (Villareal) would actually be a great DP signing in MLS don't you think?

He can play as attacking midfielder. With his vision and physical characteristics, Pires could have an immediate impact on whichever team nets him. Instead of Amado and his headaches now, maybe TFC should be targetting this dude in the summer.

Sadly he is 34 but then Blanco is 35 and the guy is still a baller.

A.C. said...

I like Pires - and I do hope that more DP's give MLS in general a try. However, the grapevine I've heard among agents is that the smaller cities (or less well known) are a tougher sell to many foreign players. Many want to avoid the cold, so they're bummed that there aren't teams in Florida or San Diego. Or they want New York for the glitz and glamor, I'd guess.
Anyway, though, don't be surprised if the first recent expansion team to reel in a DP is actually Seattle. The ownership group there may have trouble with basic things like naming the team, but they're looking to make a splash and they've got the guts to try the DP option.