Thursday, March 27, 2008

FCD's position

FC Dallas GM Michael Hitchcock told me straight out that they will not trade thier DP slot away. He also said they wouldn't be interested in trading for a DP slot, so when it comes to filling DPs, they will keep their eyes open and try for the right player if he comes along. They felt the right player was Denilson a year ago but that did not turn out as they had hoped.

You'll have to read the story to see what else Hitchcock said about the DPs, both in terms of his club and in the overall effect of the league.

Anyway, FCD fans, how do you feel about your club's position? Happy that they aren't afraid of pulling the trigger on such a deal? Or anxious to get that spot filled?


FC Uptown said...

Have to give the FCD FO credit for taking a shot with Denilson. Granted, two of the top three FCD wage earners last year were Shaka and Denilson, who both underachieved mightily. The third big paycheck was Ruiz, who was the team high scorer and traded to the Galaxy (replaced with...nothing). AS an FCD fan you have to like the willingness of the O to look at the DP slot - and FCD needs a replacement for Ruiz's goals. However, looking at Shaka and confident can you be that FCD's FO knows quality talent? In my mind, it gets down to how well can FCD spot talent and work with these foreign agents. There have already been questions during the past two years about FCD contracts and "bad faith". It sucks, but there it is.

Anonymous said...

Hitchcock may be one of the worst GMs in the MLS right now. He has very little soccer knowledge. Loads of fans in Dallas are getting a bit restless when it comes to Hitch and his dealings. He needs to go back to selling tickets and not signing players...leave that to Morrow.

FC Uptown said...

FCD fans are itching for the team to really win and for more fans to come out, and it doesn't help that Houston is 3 hours south shoving success into peoples faces.

papa bear said...

if FCD had half a brain, they'd take Fallas' idea and try to sign Omar Bravo. Lotsa El Tri fans in Texas and he is reportedly only looking for $1.5 million from Chivas. Oh and he would be a free transfer in June.
I'm fairly confident that the draw at the gate would make up for the salary.