Monday, March 31, 2008

Nkong to EPL?

Thanks to reader E.A. for this tip...

Alain Nkong has been linked to English side Tottenham in what would be a multimillion dollar deal.

Nkong, the former Rapids washout, saw his stock climb in helping Atlante win the Apertura 2007 title and then scoring a clutch goal in the African Nations Cup. His spot with Atlante, though, is no more as he has not played for them since last year's playoffs.

Anything to help Nkong get some playing time in a top league would be welcomed but such a move would be a fantastic opportunity for the Cameroon striker.

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A.Ruiz said...

I think the Rapids would like him back now.
I think like usual, he will do good but not great....until he is cut or loaned.