Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fans are a priority

The Galaxy Fan Fest this weekend is apparently the last obligation for Becks before he leaves to join England's national team. Yep, Galaxy fans, the team captain is holding off on flying out over the pond (or so say team sources) until he takes part in the preseason event.


Anonymous said...

Great thing that he sticks around for the FanFest.

to all who go to it, enjoy it.

In Europe such things are very seldom or not done at all.

one thing more the MLS has and the rest of the world hasn't.


Anonymous said...

Becks comes through time and time again. How can you NOT like the guy? He behaves like a man who is always cognizant that it all might disappear at any moment, and therefore stays humble. In the midst of all the adoration, and in the midst of the prevailing behavior of most "stars", he is refreshing indeed.