Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Preseason rankings

Here's how I see the teams entering the 2008 MLS season.

1. Houston. Defending champions already have quarterfinal win under their belt.
2. DC United. Like Houston, CONCACAF Cup campaign successful thus far.
3. Chivas USA. Brad Guzan a green light for the opener.
4. New England. Pat Noonan's loss significant but Revs still more than solid.
5. Kansas City. Claudio Lopez and Carlos Marinelli will shred defenses this year.
6. Chicago. Depth is question mark with this squad.
7. Colorado. Christian Gomez leads league's deepest midfield.
8. FC Dallas. Offensive strength in numbers with Toja, Cooper, Rocha, et al.
9. Los Angeles. Big Three a pretty damned good trio, but defense huge question mark.
10. New York. Instability reigns with Red Bulls.
11. Real Salt Lake. Collection of South Americans needs to shine.
12. Toronto FC. Roster offers better starting point than a year ago.
13. Columbus. Losses outnumbered gains.
14. San Jose. Only one way to go.


Marmaduke said...

Colorado has the deepest midfield? What about Houston? What's changed since February?

Gomez, Mastroeni, Cooke, and Mehdi
match up well against
DeRo, Mullan, Davis, and Clark.

But Houston has Mulrooney and Holden off the bench. I'm clueless about Colorado's depth. Who comes off their bench? Do you include Hercules in their midfield?

I'm not trying to dis anyone, I just don't know the Rapids very well. I only saw a few games last year. Fill me in.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment i think Houston has the deeper midfield.

Beto said...

DC will probably follow its tradition and bow out to a Mexican team again.

Pumas, chivas, now Pachuca.

just another one of you said...

I agree with your rankings except would swap KC with CHI and swap Dallas with Colorado. If Chicago can get a MF that allows Rolfe to play up top they'll be hard to contain.

The only way you could justify LB's idea that COL has the deepest midfield is if you think HOU's will be overstretched given the lack of offense that will come from the forwards and that the defense will be a liability.

Beto - I think DCU did everything they could to create a some new team chemistry so if there was ever a year that old traditions were broken this would be it.

FC Uptown said...

Dude, please. Colorado? Kroenke send you a Dicks Sporting Good certificate for Christmas?

Anonymous said...

So the Galaxy's defense is a big question mark but Kansas City's isn't? You have got to be kidding me. KC at #5 is a joke. Conrad is the only constant there. Based on your predictions, Colorado is WAY overrated as well.

Soccer Fan said...

We had a similar rankings (top 4 teams in the same order!) at

MLS Predictions

Anonymous said...




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