Friday, March 21, 2008

In the know

Me: "So they reported on SportsCenter last night, in a little clip from ESPN Deportes, that Beckham might buy the Galaxy once he finishes playing. All the other press reports have said, he has an option to buy an MLS team, but didn't specify which one. Your history with the team goes way back, do you think AEG would sell the Galaxy to Becks?"

"Phil [Anschutz] is not selling the Galaxy."

Me: "Well, not now, but in the future."

"No way. He's not selling the Galaxy. He never planned to sell the Galaxy. That's the team he has always planned on keeping."

Me: "What about a share of the Galaxy? Like how Magic Johnson is a part owner of the Lakers?"

"Maybe something like that could happen. But I don't see Phil selling the entire Galaxy team or a controlling share to anybody."

Who was I talking to? I can't say, but it was someone who always seems to know stuff like what I asked about.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this interesting background info :)


Toddzilla said...

my random guess would be Grahame Jones.

A.C. said...

Nope, wasn't Grahame. Though that's a decent guess. It actually wasn't a media member at all.