Friday, March 28, 2008

Play prophet

This question isn't the usual quiz. This is the roster pic page in the USMNT media guide. Most years, there are a couple of players pictured who barely end up playing any national team games at all. Then there are unheralded players who didn't make the pic page who end up contributing to the national team in a big way. In your opinion, who is missing from the page? Who is there, but won't impact the team much? For example, before the Poland game, a few people might have said Eddie Lewis for the second question. Anyway, prophesy here and make a case for your choice. If you were right, when we revive this post towards the close of the year, you can gloat.


Anonymous said...

Stuart Holden, Michael Orozco, Cory Gibbs.

I don't think Benny Olsen will be brought in anymore, not after several more surgeries.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon above- Orozco and Gibbs are missing.

There's no point in having Keller up there. Not b/c he can't hack it, but b/c there's too much depth.

Mastroeni has no business being on the field unless every other option is hurt.

Simek can't seem to get on the field with the senior team.

If Twellman starts another game for usmnt it's either b/c something drastic happened or Bradley has a bleeding heart.

Toddzilla said...

That Michael Bradley pic is pure nepotism.

I'd say that the least likely to get 2 more caps this year are Keller, Convey (I hate to write that) and Califf. I think the biggest 'miss' on that list is Holden, who has been impressive on the U-23 team. I could see him getting a few WCQ caps as long as he's still in MLS all year.

Due to the relative strength and experience at the position, I don't think Orozco gets a cap this year, but we might start seeing him next year.

I hope Gibbs makes it back - maybe his absence has hurt my memory, but I've always really liked him. And I constantly hear about how great Parkhurst is in soccer IQ and positioning, I'd love for him to get a real shot at the DC position this year.

Anonymous said...

Keller, Califf, Hill, Hejduk, Olsen, Twellman, Wolfe will get about 3 caps or less between now and 2010 in my opinion. Either it's time for them to go(Keller) or there are better options than them. I doubt Hill will get enough playing itme at rb to develop for South Africa.

Guys who will contribute not in the pic: Holden, Orozco, Gibbs, Nguyen (right mid prospect?), Neven S. (if he wants to play for the USA), Szetela (more competition at CM), and a wildcard who I hopes develops enough to be considered for 2010...Charles Rhenken

RHdigitalYS said...

Holden, Orozco, Nguyen for sure. I think Nguyen's main issue was PT and now that he's getting fairly consistent run at Randers I think BB will trot him out in a variety of midfield positions.

I hope Neven Subotic get's called up, even if it's for evaluation only. The kid has serious potential and he's only 18.

Marmaduke said...

Yeah, I would have put Lewis in the second category for sure on Tuesday. I've always liked him, but I felt we had better options. He looked great.

There are a lot of guys on that page who could be useful wins this year but should give way to youth in advance of South Africa.

Mastroeni, Olsen, Califf, Twellman, Wolff, Conrad ... maybe even Hejduk and Keller who were both so good at their best but are getting up there.

Gibbs was by far the best left back before he got hurt this last time. If he gets back in form, he'll be huge.

I don't know the young players well enough to say who will fill those spots. Orozco looked great last week and needs a look from BB. Holden is promising, but I'm not sure he'll break into the squad just yet.

briguy said...

Ummm, I see no reason for Twellman's mug to be there.

And to echo previous comments, there should be a nice smiling pic of Holden...

Dan Haug said...

I think Feilhaber could well have a slim year. I'm also with the folks who think Califf and Keller unlikely to see much time.

With our lack of depth at forward, I think we're likely to see some other guys up there (maybe Cooper if he has a strong season w/ Dallas)