Friday, March 28, 2008

Orozco content

A little article on Michael Orozco's return to San Luis. He mentions specifically that he was glad to help the U.S. qualify for the Olympics, and that he's excited about the possibilities reaching that goal may hold for his career and his family.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to now one Mexican will be playing during the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

I thought Orozco was outstanding during the U-23 tournament. He combined no-nonsense defending and a bit of a mean streak with technical ability and composure on the ball. Very refreshing, and I hope he gets called in to the senior team as well.

Oh, and he's American.

A.C. said...

He's both, people. Everyone has to learn to share. If Edgar Castillo makes it to Europe (many considered him Mexico's best player during Olympic qualifying), Americans could rightfully claim another player abroad.

Anonymous said...

Any way to get a brief summary/translation of the article for us non-spanish speaking bloaks?

papa bear said...

"He's both, people"

unitl they allow people to play for multiple countries as once; as far as football is concerned, Castillo, Rossi et al aren't American. Sorry. They will never be embraced as such except by a scant few.

Orozco should be called up to the senior team soon. He was rock solid in the Olympics.