Thursday, March 27, 2008

DP thoughts

I just filed my latest column. In the piece, I explored a bit how the DP dynamics have worked and how the market sort of set itself in terms of older players being the targets. It's no coincidence really how every designated player enterting this year is older than 30. Denilson was 29 when he came here but he thus far has been the exception.

Anyway, as I say in my column, it's not necessarily something negative.

I talked to FC Dallas GM Michael Hitchcock and RSL coach Jason Kreis about the DP spots. I wanted to talk to those two clubs specifically because FC Dallas used theirs and has it back available for use and RSL hasn't used theirs and is on the outside looking in. I asked each how it's helped the league, their goals for the DP slots in terms of bringing in players, what the value would be in terms of trading a DP slot and if they'd consider trading it. You'll have to wait for the column be published to find out what they said, but I'll be posting more about it later once it hits the Web.

In the meantime, it's more writing for me. Got a Sacha Kljestan feature I need to get cracking on.


Anonymous said...

good work, can't wait to read it.


playtherapy said...

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