Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mexico's roster for Ghana

Hugo Sanchez will coach again, at least for one more game. Mexico will play Ghana in London on Wednesday, and here are the players he will count on.

Oswaldo Sanchez, Moises Munoz, Jesus Corona; Carlos Salcido, Ricardo Osorio, Aaron Galindo, Fausto Pinto, Israel Castro, Julio Cesar Dominguez; Pavel Pardo, Andres Guardado, Fernando Arce, Gerardo Torrado, Antonio "Zinha" Naelson; Carlos Vela, Antonio De Nigris, Nery Castillo, Juan Carlos Cacho, Adolfo Bautista, Guillermo Franco, Giovani Dos Santos.

Of note:

- Guillermo Franco, the source for much of the criticism that hounded Ricardo Lavolpe in his final months in charge of El Tri, was brought back into the squad by Hugo Sanchez.

- Sanchez, an ardent supporter of using only Mexican-born players on the national team before he took over as coach, has called up players born in the United States, Argentina and Brazil to the senior side.

- Aaron Galindo returns to the fold. Galdino and Salvador Carmona were booted from the 2005 Confederations Cup squad after each tested positive for steroids. Carmona was eventually banned for life for having tested positive again after he was suspended for one year. Galindo, meanwhile, went to Spain and is now playing for Eintrach Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga.

- Ten of the 21 players called in play in Europe.


Paulo said...

Word is that they are looking at Carlos Bianchi as the new technico for Mexico?? Anyone know what this guy is all about?
I thought Dos Santos and Franco were injured and unable to participate for the Ghana match?

L.B. said...

They are. The call-up is contingent upon health.

Bianchi was in the running in 2002 when Lavolpe got the job. He's managed European and South American clubs, most notably Boca Juniors. He last managed Atletico Madrid. He knows the game but the question is does he know the Mexican league and its players well enough? It would be an interesting hire for sure. Upgrade over Hugo Sanchez? Probably.

Anonymous said...

The best would be to get Lavolpe back... slap in the face for Hugo. LMAO

Pique said...

Because of conflicts with Copa Libertadores games no players from Guadalajara, Atlas or America. Thus no Memo Ochoa and we get Osvaldo Sanchez' return to El Tri.

CACuzcatlan said...

Bringing in all the big guns (other than Ochoa). This is the Mexican team that can make a good run at an international tournament if only they had a decent coach. But as a U.S. supporter, I say (probably spelling this wrong):

Hugo Sanchez - Technico Por Vida!!!!!

el chueco said...

l.b., who in that roster was born in the U.S.?

L.B. said...

I meant during his tenure he's called up a U.S.-born player. Sorry for the confusion.

Beto said...

Who did he call up that was US born?

As for all the European players. They are playing this game in Europe so why not call them? Its a short plane ride.

Also America, Chivas and Atlas are competing in Libertadores this same week.

Anonymous said...

The disastrous BIMBO (MFL) All Stars match, Mexicans vs Foreigners, saw Hugo coach his first "naturalizado" in Rodrigo "Pony" Ruiz!!

That said, most people forget what Lavolpe would say to justify calling up naturalized players. Which was one of the main reasons Hugo would attack him. Left out of the MNT were Bautista and Blanco, while Lavolpe desperately tried to speed up Walter Gaitans naturalization process..

Joel Aceves :-)