Monday, March 31, 2008

Heads will roll

Club America president Guillermo Canedo White has announced his resignation, effective after the season. Club America is in a terrible crisis, having compiled just two wins after 12 weeks of the Clausura 2008 season. Already coach Daniel Brailovsky saw the axe in week 6 but replacement Ruben Omar Romano has won zero games in six league games and two out of four Copa Libertadores matches.

The playoffs are out of reach at this point, so America's only hope is to throw all of its efforts in Libertadores, where they sit even with Deportivo San Martin on six points, and hope to make something out of this wretched season.

Under Canedo, America won the Clausura 2005 title as well as the 2006 CONCACAF Champions Cup. Also, America were beaten finalists in both the Clausura and Copa Sudamericana a year ago.

Change is necessary; the only question being how severe. With Canedo's resignation it appears, however, that the change will be drastic.

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Anonymous said...

Romano also quit today.

Galaxy fans, take a good look at America, what's happening to them could very well happen to you.