Saturday, March 29, 2008

Becks and Ruud

Audio of the Galaxy's post-game press conference.


A.C. said...

Great audio, Luis. I feel like I'm at the presser - except I can't ask any questions.

L.B. said...

Well, you could have called... I'd have patched you through to Becks.

Actually, it was strange being at a Galaxy game and not seeing the same crowd. I kept expecting to see you and Greg Daurio and Nick Green and Damian Calhoun and Joseph D'Hippolito and...

Of course, it's not like it was at HDC or anything.

charlesj27 said...

Some way to start of our season. It was depressing and nauseating to watch this game. Wow - we got schooled BAD! By the way, Sideline Views Blog have already posted the Post-Game Presser Audio. Check it out. I don't know Ruud and David can maintain that cool composure. I was closing my eyes and cursing at many points in this game. I'm sorry to say this guys & gals... but, we just will not be able to win any games if other MLS teams are able to frustrate our players like this. Bad calls are ALWAYS going to be there. In my mind, our LA Galaxy team seriously needs more DEPTH, VIGOR, RELENTLESSNESS, and CREATIVITY in Midfield... namely, our LA Galaxy needs these four KEY POSITIONAL PLAYERS:
Center-Attacking Midfielder
Left-Midfield Winger
Left- & Right- WingBack Defenfers
I'll probably getan earful for this... but, these are the players (in my opinion) that our LA Galaxy needs to let go off and remove from the roster:
Pete Vagenas
Alan Gordon
Edson Buddle
Steve Cronin
I'm, sorry to say this LA Galaxy fans... but, we need more skillful, in-depth, aggressive, pacy players from soccer countries like Argentina, or Brazil, or Colombia, or Ecuador. The other teams in MLS are at a different level now - a higher level than last year. David, Landon, Carlos combo is NOT going to win us the necessary amount of games as many people think. I believe that our LA Galaxy (Ruud, Cobi, Paul, LA Galaxy management) have some hard and necessary decisions to make. And, they better make it very quickly. Otherwise, it's just going to be a repeat of last year. The big gamble that Ruud was trying to take back-fired most vividly. Our LA Galaxy just does NOT have the skill, depth, training, pace, understanding to play a 4 - 3 - 3 formation. For that matter, in my mind, neither do Houston Dynamo nor DC United. There are only a few teams in the world that can effectively & correctly pull off a 4 - 3 - 3 formation for a full 90 minutes. Teams like Real Madrid or AC Milan or Werder Bremen - Bayern Munich hybrid. If soem changes don't happen soon - we are in for more losses and disappointments.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for the presser!

that's a quality serive and it's appreciated.


Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Charles j27 is absolutely right. I do disagree about getting rid of Cronin (who is going to play in goal? And why didn't he include Xavier?). But the fundamental problem is the fact that the Galaxy (unlike many MLS teams) didn't scout South America for the kind of pacy, aggressive, skillful players Charles says the team needs. Look at what D.C. United came up with in the past couple of seasons: Luciano Emilio, Fred and Marcello Gallardo.

Please don't talk to me about the salary cap. Instead of signing Ruiz, the Galaxy could have made an effort to scout S.A. for talent that would have come less expensively.

But Galaxy management is full of itself (and full of something else, if you know what I mean). That arrogance and over-reliance on Beckham and Donovan has proven costly. You mean to tell me that one of the world's richest men (Anschutz) doesn't have the money to send Gullit, Jones, Bravo et al on a scouting trip? And people believe that Anschutz likes soccer? Hell, Anschutz likes making money; he bought all those MLS teams so he could sell them at a profit when the time came.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Charles, there's another problem with your player-personnel suggestions: Can you seriously expect to get quality in return for the players you mention?

charlesj27 said...

Joseph... I included Steve Cronin, because... finding another goal-keeper with quicker reaction times, faster instincts, and possibility of being signed within the USA is highly probable. I have nothing bad against Steve Cronin... but, to me, 3 years within this team is long enough to figure out if one is going to cut it as a goal-keeper. In my mind, Josh Wicks can cover #1 role of GK a LOT better than Steve can! I did not include Abel Xavier, because even with all his defecits (lack of speed, inherent sliding and tackling, plus being around 36 years old) - I appreciate and admire what he brings to every game. He does bring experience, leadership, and drive. Unfortunately, as a Central Defender in MLS nowadays - a team has got to have a Central Defender with strength, pace, and quicker reaction time. Right now for LA Galaxy, I believe that the more graver positions of Left- & Right- Wingbacks are more of a higher priority in my mind.
According to last year's rumors and reports, it was said that Director of Soccer Paul Bravo did scout South and Central America. I don't know if it actually happened or not. But, somehow, LA Galaxy was able to find and sign Alvaro Pires from Brazil. My guess is, at present, LA Galaxy does not have the appropriate connections and people to get them good, dependable prospects. I don't think AEG has contacts in Brazil or Argentina or Colombia. But, those are the first three countries that I would definitely start looking in if I was a Technical Director.
As we all know AEG and LA Galaxy is about image, glitz, and, as you have boldy pointed out... "Returns-on-Investment = $$$". And, I'm not saying that other profitable / successful organizations are not like that. But, I think AEG and LA Galaxy are clearly overlooking and dismissing the basics and fundamentals. That is: to be profitable in sports... an organization has to sell games & venues, apparrel, and associated seasonal events. Well, AEG & LA Galaxy definitely has that part down a 125%. Then comes the continuing essentials (what I refer to as association (loyalty), popularity (branding), and credibility (winning stats on games, goals, rivalries, and players). Now, in this area, AEG and LA Galaxy are struggling... I would say even in danger of becoming DIMINISHED. If Chivas USA & San Jose Earthquakes have a much stronger year than LA Galaxy... 2009 & 2010 will be very rough for AEG and LA Galaxy.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

Charles, you make very sound comments and judgements. One thing about Pires: He last played in Russia so I'm guessing the Galaxy learned about him second-hand.

You're right about the Gals needing to develop serious contacts in South America. Otherwise, the rest of the league will pass them by at Mach speed.