Monday, March 31, 2008

Actonel Celebrex rankings

1 .New England Revolution - Nicol has added dangerous speed to a strong system with Mansally and Nyassi
2. Kansas City Wizards - They flamed out last season after a fast start, but right now, Claudio Lopez fits in well
3. Colorado Rapids - A number of injured starters didn't faze the Rapids - young players stepped up under the leadership of Christian Gomez
4. Columbus Crew - Moffat makes a great first impression; Hesmer saves a penalty. Sigi is bringing the kids up right.
5. Chicago Fire - Blanco did just what he had to do, right when he had to do it.
6. Chivas USA - Ay Papi! Galindo waits nearly as long as Blanco to pull out the equalizer for Chivas USA
7. FC Dallas - Toja is clearly back to pre-injury form, Cooper clearly isn't.
8. Real Salt Lake - So close to glory there. This team has never had a winning record.
9. New York Red Bull - Altidore and Angel can prove to be a potent combo, just like vodka and Red Bull.
10. Houston Dynamo - Sure, a 3-0 loss is spanking, but the Dynamo are proven winners when it really counts
11. San Jose Earthquakes - Will version 2.0 recall the glory days, or the bumpy path of the Clash?
12. DC United - Gallardo may have the name for DP money, but Gomez had the goods, and now he's gone.
13. Los Angeles Galaxy - The penalty call was atrocious, but so was the 4-0 loss.
14. Toronto FC - Overall play and inability to convert the penalty - poor. The traveling fans - class.


Frank said...

Hey, AC and LB, you guys have posted a lot of great stuff this past week (as usual). You both are, no doubt, working hard. I hope you are enjoying your work as much as we are enjoying receiving it. Thank you very much!!

Anonymous said...

Any word on how Ruiz is coming along?

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