Thursday, March 27, 2008

RSL and their DP

In my conversation with RSL coach Jason Kreis, we discussed the Designated Player rule. RSL is not shy about making deals and in fact have been an active club in recent months. I wanted to get his take on the DP to see if they were planning on using it, if trading it would be an option and how they valued their DP.

You'll have to read the story I linked below to see exactly what he said but in short RSL listens to offers. Kreis sort of alluded to some offers being nothing short of ridiculous.

Now, I don't know the RSL front office very well and I've only spoken to Kreis a few times but based on our conversation I don't think we'll see RSL use their DP spot soon. And Kreis even said they'd listen and have listened to offers for their DP spot.

What do you think, RSL fans? Would you want to see your team trade away the DP slot? Do you want the club to pursue a DP in the summer or by the end of the year or do you want to see how this club evolves first? After all a DP does not equal success, as last year's MLS Cup finalists would attest to.


I also asked Jason Kreis about how he handles outside expectations, high or low, as the opinions regarding RSL range from darkhorse to bottom-of-the-table material.

It’s important to establish where those expectations are coming from. We certainly can’t control what people are saying or what they’re thinking about our club so it’s important for us to not worry about it. It’s important that we choose what we’re going to focus on, stay focused on that, try to improve on the areas we need to improve upon and if we do those things we know that in the end the results will come.


just another one of you said...

RSL Fans? I don't think he has internet access yet.

RSL Fan said...

I wouldn't mind it if RSL traded their slot on a temporary basis, 1-2 years. I really don't see it being used in the near future and depending on the value we can get in return it might be a good move for the FO to pursue.

Anonymous said...

I would rather RSL hold on to their DP slot for now. The league is growing so fast and change seems to be coming at each club at lightning speed. Look at Chivas and cRapids, who traded their slot. Did they get better for it? Chivas? No, they wasted the trade (for Guevara) and cRapids are pining it all on Gomez and nothing else.