Friday, March 21, 2008

Strong Language

In light of Mark Cuban's disparaging comments recently about blogs and bloggers, a Galaxy staffer and I were discussing some of the crucial differences between blogs and articles in print.

He mentioned that he thought Luis, for example, was more outspoken on this blog than he is in other outlets, pointing out that Luis will occasionally swear on our blog.

"I guess I do that, too," I admitted. "Sometimes I'll cuss or make fun of something in a way I probably wouldn't write elsewhere. It's our blog - we never rated it PG."

Sometimes, when people are just expressing themselves, those words come out.

Like during an interview with Ruud, for example.

Interesting that he made the comparison to Real Madrid, no? Beckham was on the squad during that era where they couldn't get the big wins despite having many stars.


just another one of you said...

Do you all notice any differences at LA practices with Ruud, he seems to understand that this team is only going to be successful if the supporting cast gives all out effort (which in my opinion still wont be enough). Is any of that coming out from what either of you have seen this preseason?

A.C. said...

Practices seem more intense, that's for sure, but part of that could be affected by the fact that for so long during the Yallop era, he was resting players, trying to help them recover from either injuries or their crazy schedule, so he'd soften practices for them.

In 2006, Sampson did the opposite, holding tougher practices the more the team lost. Players looked exhausted all the time.

Toddzilla said...

Is this where we say that he was Ruud in cussing like that? Get it? Ruud! Ha! 'Cause his name sounds like Rude!

Okay, I'll calm down now.

Thanks for the audio - this is great stuff for those of us who don't have that sort of access. I appreciate that you two provide it.

Diane said...

I loved that clip. Gullit was making an EXACT comparison to Madrid. Good for him. There might be a small reference to the Galaxy's recent past, but it sure is a perfect cautionary tale going forward.

Real Madrid's president was so obsessed with his galacticos and so delusional about the sole importance of the attack that he had gutted Madrid's defensive line and divested the team of holding midfielders.

They also had a revolving door of politically chosen coaches (often stripped of power, hmmm that's familiar) and trainers which, among the other problems this caused, left the players woefully unfit.

Zidane and Figo, and probably all of that group, talked about what a mistake it was to put so many of the team's eggs in one basket, especially one that held all attacking players. They were clear that the team's dependence on a peak performances from them in each game could only lead to failure because of inevitable injuries and just bad days. On those days there wasn't enough strength in the rest of the squad to fall back on.

I like it that Gullit keeps talking about building from the back. Sounds like my kids' "dutch school" coaches ;-). And it's certainly clear from the videos that he's keen on the fitness. Thanks for those, they were fun to watch--probably less fun for those doing the drill.

(Oh dear, forgot to mention the fact that Real Madrid made an art of off-season touring to wring every cent they could from their galacticos, bringing tired players back to start their home seasons. That should be caution enough...)