Friday, March 28, 2008

Shaka blog

Shaka Hislop is writing on MLS this year for the Guardian, which may end up being more of a contribution to the league than he made when he was actually playing here.

Shaka doesn't seem to have kept up on the trade of Chris Albright to New England, but he does laud the defender's skill. I agree. That's why I put Chris on my fantasy team. Shaka should join our experts league on Soccernet. I'd be curious to see how an ex-MLS player would evaluate former teammates and rivals.


briguy said...

I read his piece earlier today; it's quite good, and I'm looking forward to future installments.

Kim said...

I'm a regular reader of The Guardian's football site, and I was incredibly pleased with Shaka's contribution, as well as the warm reception he recieved from the blog's commenters. There are an awful lot of Americans who visit that site, so it was a smart move for them to get a great guy to work with them as an MLS correspondent.

Also, it was an incredibly refreshing change from the usual snide/downright rude blogs about the MLS that we usually get from the English media that are filled with old, weak cultural cliches, to play to the reader's percieved jingoism. So kudos to The Guardian and Shaka Hislop!