Saturday, March 29, 2008

Injury woes start

Just got off the phone with the Galaxy press rep. Preliminary diagnosis on Ruiz - a right medial collateral ligament sprain.

In case that sounds familiar to Galaxy fans, that's what Beckham got late last season. The Galaxy are going to follow up with their doctors once the team gets home, but it looks like Ruiz will be out for some time - a month if it's a medium sprain, a few months if it's a bad one, or a couple of weeks if it's a light sprain. The way he was screaming when he went down, I'm not optimistic.


Anonymous said...

That was a real cheap shot by O'brien I hope the rookie doesn't think thats what being a professional is all about.

However if anyone in the league had that coming to them after all these years it was Ruiz. Payback is a mother! If Ricardo Clark had just done that last year instead of kicking Ruiz in the head he would have been playing on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Possums like ruiz always get up when none is looking.

J said...

O'brien is an idiot, completely unneccecary. League should ban him until Ruiz returns.

Seriously, the league needs to protect their investment and one incipid rookie just took out 20% of the Gals cap space

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

The fact that Ruiz takes up 20 percent of the Galaxy's cap space is not O'Brien's fault. Nor is it his fault that Ruiz was not in shape when he got here. Remember, he had some conflicts w/the Galaxy's training and medical staff about his conditioning.