Friday, March 28, 2008

Crystal ball

It's the day before the 2008 MLS season opens, which is the perfect time to pick your MLS champion. Me, I decided on DC United. I see United winning their fifth league championship right here at Home Depot Center.

Please share with us your own predictions, whether it's the league champ, the MVP, goal-scoring leader, etc. Right now is the time to tell me you think RSL will shock the world, or that Houston will become the first club to win three cups in a row, or that the Galaxy will return to glory, or whatever club you fancy.


Phillip said...


DC United*
Kansas City Wizards*
New England Revolution*
New York Red Bulls*
Chicago Fire*
Columbus Crew
Toronto FC


Chivas USA*
Houston Dynamo*
Real Salt Lake*
Los Angeles Galaxy
FC Dallas
San Jose Earthquakes
Colorado Rapids


DC United: Supporter's Shield and MLS Cup Winner

Edward said...

Not only does RSL make the playoffs, they go all the way to the final but come up a little short to the Wizards (you heard it here first folks).

Besides, I wanted to do a little something different than your usual Houston-New England or Chivas-DC United matchups everyone is predicting. =P

Anonymous said...

Eastern Conference:
DC United*
New England Revolution*
Chicago Fire*
Kansas City Wizards*
New York Red Bulls
Columbus Crew
Toronto FC

Western Conference:
Chivas USA*
Houston Dynamo*
Los Angeles Galaxy*
FC Dallas*
Real Salt Lake
Colorado Rapids
San Jose Earthquakes

MLS Cup: DC United vs LA Galaxy


Anonymous said...

New York vs LA Galaxy final...think of the ratings? Galaxy wins 2-1 with an injury-time curling free kick from you-know-who.

CACuzcatlan said...

I hope the Galaxy return to glory, but I don't see them winning it this year. At least I'm prepared to have my heart broken.

I'm picking DC United to win the Quadruple:
Champions Cup
Supporters Shield

- No US Open Cup victory for them

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my eyes..!
Hear me now Sideline Readers...

You guys can scratch DC, Houston, Revs and CUSA from wining anything...

With the swamped schedule they're going to be on HAHAHA! SuperLiga, CCL, US OPEN and MLS PLay... id be surprise if they make the playoffs.. See how they like it.! MUHAHAHAHAH!!!

Oh YES! The MLS CUP will return where it belongs.. L.A.!!!!

RHdigitalYS said...

Beckham, Ruiz, Donovan becomes the most hated attack in the league except they put in the goals to back it up.

I fully expect a repeat of 2005 where the Galaxy is middling to mediocre but destroys faces in the post-season.

Dan Haug said...

Supporters Sheild: KC Wizards
Open Cup: LA Galaxy
MLS Cup: DC United

POY: Landon Donovan

Joseph D'Hippolito said...


1. The Galaxy will finish last in the Western Conference.

2. The Galaxy will not win 10 games.

3. The Galaxy will concede at least 60 goals.

4. Xavier will be gone by the end of the season.

5. Lalas, remarkably, will keep his job.

Now for the standings

1. Chivas USA
2. Houston
3. Dallas
4. Real Salt Lake
5. San Jose
6. Colorado
7. Galaxy

1. D.C. United
2. New England
3. Chicago
4. Toronto
5. Kansas City
6. New York
7. Columbus

MLS Cup: D.C. United over Chivas USA

MVP: Marcelo Gallardo

Supporters' Shield: D.C. United