Thursday, March 20, 2008

Levels of Mexican confidence

Mexican publication Reforma took a nationwide poll regarding Hugo Sanchez's job approval amongst fans. Among the findings:

Should Hugo Sanchez stay on as coach?
56 percent said NO
40 percent said YES
4 percent were unsure

Who should replace Hugo Sanchez as coach?
51 percent were unsure
10 percent said JAVIER AGUIRRE
7 percent said RICARDO LAVOLPE
6 percent said JESUS RAMIREZ

Will Mexico qualify for the 2010 World Cup?
54 percent said YES
36 percent said NO
10 percent were unsure

How big of a failure is not reaching the Olympics?
36 percent said bad but NOT ONE OF THE WORST in Mexican soccer history
24 percent said ONE OF THE WORST in Mexican soccer history
17 percent said it was A SMALL SETBACK
13 percent said it was THE WORST-EVER FAILURE in Mexican soccer history
6 percent were unsure

Is Mexican soccer in a crisis or is this just a bad result for the Under-23 team?
53 percent said it was just a BAD RESULT
40 percent said Mexican soccer is in a CRISIS
7 percent were unsure

Who is responsible for the Under-23's bad results?
43 percent said HUGO SANCHEZ
28 percent said SOME OF THE PLAYERS
13 percent said FMF OFFICIALS
4 percent said other

Do you feel the media had some responsibility in the Under-23's failure to reach the Olympics?
72 percent said NO
20 percent said YES
8 percent were unsure

[According to Reforma, this was based on a survey done by telephone across Mexico on March 18, 2008, based on questions asked of soccer fans 16 years of age or older. There is a 4.8 percent margin of error. I'd post a link but it's a pay site.]


EdTheRed said...

Any one who called it the worst setback has likely developed post-traumatic amnesia regarding the 2002 World Cup round of 16...

...and the underage player scandal that led to the U.S. getting a berth at Italia '90, which really marked the beginning of the rise of U.S. soccer as a regional power and rival to Mexico.

el chueco said...

some interesting tidbits about Mr. Sanchez:

1. He got his coaching license in NICARAGUA!!! Yep, you read this right. He basically bought his license while every other decent coach works hard to get it through a FIFA certified program in a footballing nation.

2. He gets 2.5% of ticket sales for every game Mexico plays as well as 5.5% of every sponsorhip deal. This was reported in "Futbol Picante" last night and the only link I found is here: