Monday, March 24, 2008

U.S. is tops

U.S. is number one. Mexico is number two.

But I don't mean in footballing terms.


The Hammer said...

I loved the bit about PepsiCo promoting healthier eating. Translation: Get Mexicans to stop drinking Coca Cola.

Mexico is #1 in Coca Cola consumption in the world... by far! PepsiCo will probably go in trying to create a negative association with Coke to break that monopoly and instead they'll push something like Tropicana or Diet Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

what I notice when I go to Mexico is the soft drinks-besides coke/pepsi mostly orange soda or orange drinks or stuff like that. things like Jairittos (sp?)...all stuff made by Coke/Pepsi as well.

Also notice that the local taco stand cooking has lots of oil...find that diet sodas don't necessarily do as well...not that they are any better.

A.Ruiz said...

Yeah, I mentioned in Mexico..."Isn't it ironic than in two generations people in Mexico went from dying of hunger to now...dying from gorging junk food/fatty food!"
They didn't find it ironic at all...oh well. Although I think there is a definitely a correlation, since people came from not having much food at all and considering junk food/coke as a status symbols. Especially since a lot people moved from rural society where the food was local and fresh to urban centers where people relied more on processed food.
In the last 25 years and especially the last 15 with the economic crisis, it has now been really common for both parents to work (Not to mention increased divorce rates or the dad working in the US). So obviously, it's just easier to buy street food. Since no one is at home to cook traditional meals...which are actually quite complex and labor intensive.

papa bear said...

...but you could have meant it in footballing terms as well and been just as correct. ;)

Beto said...

si, como no.

Toddzilla said...

I'm going to try to spin this into just another situation where we're beating Mexico.