Sunday, March 23, 2008

AC - but it wasn't me!

I'm not the only AC around.

Anderson Cooper's interview with David airs tonight on CBS. Keith Sharman, one of the CBS producers for the feature, called Luis and I earlier this month to get some of our views on Beckham.

The sportswriter angle is different from that of the gossip sites like the one I linked - they're more risque, for sure.

Actually, there is a double entendre going on with the local reporters and Becks. The most coveted of interviews is an individual one, and few have gotten such access, though many have requested. I'm on a list somewhere, I think.

It's common to hear pressbox chatter about the topic, when people are discussing their latest interview subjects.

"Have you done David yet?"

"Nope, still waiting to get him alone."

"I've had my Becks one-on-one already - he's great."


man-from-michigan said...

AC I am working on a project in which I think you can help me, ho can I contact you? I was looking for a contact part in the Blog, but I might be blind or just can't find it. LOL. Thanks in advance.


A.C. said...

My email is on the byline of all my articles.

man-from-michigan said...

Great! Thanks


FC Uptown said...

1920's Reporter Guy asks Becks a question in Dallas.

"Champ, champ...are there any gin-joints or speakeasy's that you like to frequent, you and Victoria go to cut a rug?"