Monday, March 31, 2008

Cuidad Juarez Roster

Pia has named her roster for Olympic qualifying.

Any thoughts on who is there and who isn't, share in the comments.


Marmaduke said...

It's cool to see Amy Rodriguez doing so well. She was amazing in last year's NCAA tournament (with new coach Pia watching) and has earned herself a consistent role on the full national team.

Hasn't HAO been playing midfield? What does anyone know about Kacey White? Is Aly Wagner hurt or did she simply not make it? She is an exquisite passer, but she has some weaknesses and it's a talented pool.

El rey said...

No Heather Mitts :(...

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

I hope that Pia Sundhage buries Briana Scurry so deep that the rest of the world will have to dig to the Earth's core to find her.

Payback for those who instigated the gang-bang on Hope Solo will come, slowly but surely. First, Ryan. Now, Scurry. Later, Lilly and Wambach.

Peace, chavos