Sunday, March 30, 2008

Orozco update

Until recently, Americans abroad updates found regularly across the Web have mostly -if not fully - focused on Americans plying their trade in Europe. Now, Michael Orozco has left his mark on the U.S. national team, albeit the Under-23 side, and suddenly eyes are focused on the Southern California native and his potential future with the U.S.

We'll keep tabs on him right here for those interested in following Orozco's career with San Luis if the Mexican First Division along.

In his first game back with San Luis, Orozco started and played 83 minutes in a 2-0 loss to Jaguares. The setback kept San Luis from slicing into Chivas' lead in both Group 3 and the overall league table. San Luis sits in second place in both, with 22 points from 12 games. Orozco has played seven games this season for a total of 451 minutes. He has two yellow cards as well as a red card this year.


Marmaduke said...

Thanks for the news! Please keep it coming. I follow a couple "yanks abroad" sites and I'm not sure I had heard of Orozco before the qualifiers last month.

Martin said...

marmaduke that is because those "yanks abroad" sites only consider it abroad if the player is in Europe!

Besides Orozco with San Luis, there are these US born players in Mexico's First Division: Daniel Hernandez at Jaguares, Jose Francisco Torres with Pachuca, Sonny Guadarrama at Morelia and as l.b. and a.c. have informed us Jesus Padilla with Guadalajara! Of those Hernandez and Orozco are regular starters with their clubs.

Plus there's Edgar Castillo of Santos who although he represents Mexico is US born and thus a US citizen. Gustavo Figueroa of Deportivo Cuenca in Ecuador is another US born player in Latin America and like Castillo he elected to represent his parents' homeland although Figueroa only played a couple of games for Ecuador.

L.B. said...

Yeah, I think I should start the Yanks Below updates with all these guys. I've been toying with the idea. Ah what the hell. Look out for it in the coming days.

In my eyes, it's just as much, possibly MORE, of an accomplishment to play for a Mexican team than it is to play for an Austrian or Norwegian club.

ChrayATL said...

Thanks for doing this Luis, enough of the northern eurosnobbery.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Yanks Below L.B. and as you note it is most certainly tougher to ply your trade in Mexico/Latin america if your are a Yank then in europe. In Latin America you will always have a stigma associated with being a 'gringo'...see the Chuy Padilla saga for an example of the lengths that one will go to downplay their 'tierra de nacimiento'
USA Always!

Martin said...

Great idea l.b., I'd look forward to reading that and hope it includes any US players in South America too. In addition to Figueroa who I named in my previous post I also believe there are a couple of US players in Chile's 2nd Division. Chase Hilgenbrick was with Nublense in Chile's First Division but he recently signed with New England.

Any idea what has become of Sammy Ochoa? Last I read was he was leaving Tecos.