Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Need Somebody to love

Hugo Sanchez had a leg up on any coach angling for the job of coaching Mexico. Not only was he Somebody, he was Mexico's most famous Somebody, the player who was the best ever from that country.
Admit it, there's a glamor attached to such people. They thrilled fans on the field, so people look to them to do it again from the sideline. Somehow, we imagine it to be part of the natural order of things - great player can equal great coach. Many times, it doesn't always work out that way, but what is clearly evident is that famous ex-players often get chance after chance that nobodies (who may be VERY good coaches) will never get.
Frankly, that's how Jurgen Klinsman got the job for Germany. It's not like Ruud Gullit has done a lot of coaching, either.
It may be that the admiration people have felt for so long for Hugo Sanchez may carry him through his latest tribulations. But no question, if he was Juan Sanchez, or basically any other Mexican coach, he'd probably be toast.


LePeseAKienLePese-America said...

Dude. Iknew that Hugo was a horrble coach since the first time we saw a preview of him at the head of el Tri. He took Pumas and dressed them in el Tri. He should have stuck to club teams.

LePeseAKienLePese-America said...

i saw that game at Giants stadium.

CACuzcatlan said...

I read an article/interview with him where he said he eventually wants to coach Real Madrid after winning a World Cup with Mexico.


The Hammer said...

The short-sightedness of the Mexican fan never ceases to amaze me. They're calling for Hugo's head with nobody else in mind [and trust me, the European big names that you drool about at night are not candidates no matter how much you dream about it].

Then when the next one starts losing in meaningless friendlies to teams like Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala, etc. they're going to want his head too.

That's what happens in 95% of the Mexican league teams. Do your homework. In a single year, more coaches are fired than there are teams in the Mexican league.

Anonymous said...

@the hammer.

Well your partly right, but Hugo was hired because of $$$ and profit, and in the end this is about $$$ and the loss of it with Hugo in charge.

The Hugo sideshow made quite a little profit (media, attendance, sponsorship) for the FMF and now that the results and product are getting worse and $$$ drying up, a move will be made.

Jesus Ramirez would do a great job but he's not a sexy name and he doesn't sell newspapers.


A.C. said...

Jesus gets my vote, and did before Hugo was hired.

Paulo said...

Besides Ramirez.. who realistically could be the next guy in charge?

A.C. said...

They could ask Pekerman, or Americo Gallego - I think either would be an improvement over Lavolpe or Sanchez.

L.B. said...

Unless they are going to bring in a big-name, will-get-results-right-away coach, making a change right now might be a setback. As evidenced by the multitude of suggestions both here and elsewhere, there isn't a consensus choice.

My sticking point with Chucho is that many would expect him to replicate his U-17 success at the senior team and the moment people feel he can't or won't, Mexico might be in the same position it is in now.

And yes, hammer makes an excellent point. Impatience is horrendous around Mexico. I was thinking the same thing when Morelia introduced Luis Fernando Tena as coach. What's the point? He's only going to get fired within six months or a year. The word "continuity" doesn't exist down there.

LePeseAKienLePese-America said...

I was rooting for Bianchi while La Volpe was in command. Realistically, He is available right now and would be great for the job. Hugo was a mistake. I dont think Jesus is up for the job. Hammer, there are plenty of great coaches other than the ones in Europe. Look at South America.

L.B. said...

I'd heard that the federation wanted to hire Marcelo Bielsa instead of Hugo Sanchez but popular demand probably would not have allowed such a move. But Bielsa is not available any more.

Sergio Markarian and Jose Pekerman each have experiencing coaching national teams before and are coaching in the Mexican league right now. I think each would do fine, though I'd prefer Pekerman to Markarian.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Bianchi?

-He has some negatives and positives. The Boca machine keeps rolling without him although not as devastating as before. He failed miserably at the helm of one of the toughest jobs in all of Europe, which is Atletico Madrid. In fact, he didn't last a season. I would venture to say the Mexican National Team job is even more pressure packed and has even more fickle fans. Seems to be an upgrade over Ego Sanchez. This guy has loads of silverware and as far as I know lives and works in Mexico. Could be a great choice or could be a disaster, he's been known to quit.

Jesus Ramirez?
-Good relationships with current players and highly respected by players. His only sin is he has never been a head coach at a senior level. You never know, some guys do well their first time on the job. His teams play attractive football. Why not name him interim coach ala' Bradley and see how he does, and then make a run at the following two big names should Chucho stumble.

Luis Felipe Scolari?
-Seems to be the strongest candidate given that he's WON THE WORLD CUP! After Euro 2008, this guy could be persuaded given the right$$$. He has been tempted by Mexico and England before. Not a big fan of his style but the guy leads teams to World Cups or close to it. He would ruffle feathers.

Javier Aguirre?
-My darkorse. Atletico fans and their front office are driving him nuts despite their best season in a decade. With Aguirre as skipper again, should Mexico qualify and show well in SA 2010, he could go out and get any job in the world.

All four of these guys are viable options and upgrades over Hugo.